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A savings of $600 compared to our individual / hourly rate!

Our most popular package, for those looking to create positive change in your life. 

Whether it is needing help to find the confidence to improve your personal relationships as a lover or friend, or wanting guidance to become a better supervisor or mentor in your professional life, to wanting to learn the insights of how to properly publicize you and/or your respective company, Michael will help you to bring out the best in yourself.


This is a 12-week journey that can help you accomplish your personal or professional goals!


This package entails two (2) one-hour sessions per week for 12 weeks, either in-person, over the phone, or video conference -- whichever is best for you! [NOTE: During these trying times of COVID-19, all sessions are done online or over the phone / no in-person sessions.]

PLUS your first week's session is Michael's INITIAL BREAKTHROUGH SESSION [one-to-three hours], where you and Michael will take the first steps into helping you to get rid of your baggage, create goals for you, discuss your next action steps, and help you to focus on what you want to achieve.

By signing up for Michael's "Maximum Personal Performance Package," you will also gain access to Michael for spur-of-the-moment coaching &/or consulting needs that come up in your life -- up to 30 minutes each week. <<< Not available for individual by-the-hour services!

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$150 per single session

Are you ready to get rid of baggage? Are you ready to create goals and then take action to achieve them? Are you ready to focus on what you want?

Just by being on our website, you've already taken the biggest step -- proactively looking for coaching and/or consulting from a licensed professional. Now, prepare to take that next step together with Michael Scott Laderman.

Reach out to Michael today to schedule your one-hour coaching and/or consulting session. Internationally certified by the ICF [International Coach Federation] as an executive and relationship coach, Michael will help you, in just one hour, put the goals you need to aim for in place so that you can improve on the person that you already are. 

Whether you are an executive who wants to tap into Michael's experiences and successes that come from 20-plus years of leading and protecting the brands of major institutions and CEOs, are the head of a public relations and marketing department that needs assistance with guidance and directives for their respective team, or are someone who is seeking to improve their personal situations, Michael can help you to make things better. Contact Michael today to see how he can help you take that next step -- professionally and/or personally.




$1,750 per month*

* up to 20 hours each respective month

As CEO or head of marketing & communications for your organization, you realized that your in-house team of communicators and designers couldn't get to all the projects that are required for you to be successful. So you went out and did what needed to be done: you hired an outside public relations and marketing agency.

Nothing wrong with that. In fact, that's what Michael Laderman has done, too, multiple times when representing numerous organizations, including while holding executive roles with Nova Southeastern University, Barry University and the Orlando Museum of Art..

But after a few months, and after thousands upon thousands of marketing dollars have disappeared from your budget, you begin to wonder: what am I getting for all of my money? Is it actually worth it to keep this agency on-board and on payroll?

Before you answer that question, ask yourself this:  "What if I was able to hold the outside agency more accountable for not only the projects they worked on, but the hours they worked and the engagement rates of their projects?"

After all, the last thing you want is to feel like you are being taken advantage of by an outside agency that reports to you just a few times per month. And when they do report to you, they share with you the analytics that benefit them, as opposed to those that tell the true picture of what their work is accomplishing -- or, in many cases, not accomplishing.

That is where Michael Laderman comes in. Having hired and directed multiple agencies while overseeing million dollar PR and marketing budgets, he has the successful experience and know-how that your organization needs to ensure that your PR and marketing teams stay on track, stay on budget, and stay successful.

Schedule your free consultation with Michael now, to discuss how he can take your overall image and branding direction and ensure that your in-house team and/or outside agency put in the appropriate time and effort to ensure you receive your monies worth from them.

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